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“Our Soul’s True Purpose” By Jennifer Miller (Video)

We must all strive to connect our mind, body and spirit to find our soul’s true purpose.

Rumi, a 13th Century Persian Poet, wrote beautifully about the importance of following your heart to find love and purpose in life….

My video presents 5 of his most beautiful quotations.

“What I have come to treasure most in life are the hardships I have overcome, and the satisfaction of feeling “heroic” in many ways. To live through challenging times and not only survive, but to emerge victorious and “thrive”, will bring all of us a sense of incredible joy and satisfaction.”

“To live a truly authentic life makes us vulnerable, but it is a life worth living. I am who I am and I can live with that.”

Jennifer Miller


“Living An Authentic Life After A Hero’s Journey” By Jennifer Miller

Sharing our life experiences connects us with humanity, keeping alive a timeless tradition that evolved before the written word. These stories can bring us hope in knowing that others have been through similar experiences, becoming stronger and wiser people.
I always feel so much more connected to people who are genuine, authentic and not afraid to show the “rawness of life”. Our culture favors perfection, with families  broadcasting “great successes” and their children’s “accomplishments”.

But so much beauty in life can come from the “hero’s journey”, where we emerge victorious and eager to benefit those around us.

What I have come to treasure most in life are the hardships I have overcome, and the satisfaction of feeling “heroic” in many ways. These “accomplishments” are my badge of honor. To live through challenging times and not only survive, but to emerge victorious and “thrive”, will bring all of us a sense of incredible joy and satisfaction.

To live a truly authentic life makes us vulnerable, but it is a life worth living. “I am who I am” and I can live with that.

Namaste, Jennifer Miller 

“Heart-Based Healing” From Jennifer Miller (Video)

“Finding Our Soul In The Little Girl Who Beat To Her Own Drum” By Jennifer Miller

“I am who I am”, not to be defined by conventions regarding a “role” as wife , mother, or daughter.

As a child, I was always told by people that “I beat to my own drum”. And because I did not always conform to the “rules”, my actions were frowned upon by my family and schools that I attended.

I can now see the beauty of following our soul and not caring what others think or say about us. Although I would lose this part of my soul at times, life would always bring it back to me.

Women, by allowing society and others to “define” them as daughter, wife and mother, come to believe that their “identity” resides outside their soul and bodies…Our ego becomes attached to these external realities, and it makes reclaiming our soul very difficult at times.

When my life collapsed several years ago, destroying all of my so-called dreams of having the “perfect family”, I found my soul again in the little girl that “beat to her own drum”. And her little voice told me that “I am who I am”, not to be defined by conventions regarding a “role” as wife , mother, or daughter.

 “I am me…a soul free to grow and expand beyond societal restrictions”

As women, we must reach out and embrace the infinite as this is always in the best interest of the soul. Do not let anyone or anything define your Dharma. We should strive for independence, and like a child follow our hearts.

The best path to understanding the connection with “our truth” is to start living it, breathing it, thinking it, acting it and ultimately “feeling it”.

Namaste, Jennifer Miller

“The Power Of Meditation And Breathing To Reduce Pain And Stress” By Jennifer Miller

“A little over an hour of meditation training can dramatically reduce both the experience of pain and pain-related brain activation,” says Fadel Zeidan, a neuroscientist. NPR Health Blog, April 6, 2011

Yoga has taught me to be present and feel what is going on in my body and mind both during my practice and outside of it. It teaches us the importance of self-awareness. And it is the meditative benefits of breathing, called “pranayama”, that allows a calming to wash over your body.

I came acrosse an article in “NPR”, short for National Public Radio, that cites the physical benefits of “mindfulness meditation” in reducing both physical pain and our “perception of pain” through limiting our “stress response”:

“In the study, a small group of healthy medical students attended four 20-minute training sessions on “mindfulness meditation” — a technique adapted from a Tibetan Buddhist form of meditation called samatha. It’s all about acknowledging and letting go of distraction.”

“You are trying to sustain attention in the present moment — everything is momentary so you don’t need to react,” Zeidan explains. “What that does healthwise is it reduces the stress response. The feeling of pain is a very blatant distraction.”

“After meditation training, the subjects reported a 40 percent decrease in pain intensity and a 57 percent reduction in pain unpleasantness.  And it wasn’t just their perception of pain that changed. Brain activity changed too.”

NPR Health Blog, April 6, 2011

A simple form of meditation is to count as you inhale deeply through your nose and exhale out through your mouth, saying “one” as you breathe out. Try to reach 60 in a very deliberate and “self-aware” manner. Simple pains and tensions should begin to ease.

And as you can see, medical studies are starting to demonstrate the physiological benefits as well.

Namaste, Jennifer Miller

“Crossing The Street To Break The Cycle Of Suffering” By Jennifer Miller

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”  ― Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist

Is it possible to “flow” with life and be free of “attachments”? Can you “Be In The Present Moment” and accept what is? Are you ok with the “cards” you have been dealt, and not straining to control the outcome of events?
I speak with many women who are “vested” in an “outcome” and will seemingly go to any length in order to achieve it. But setting healthy and attainable goals and manifesting dreams requires us to “let go”.

All of us put our desires and dreams out into the universe and hope they are realized some day. But it is very unhealthy to keep putting our energy into people and things, over and over again, and then wishing for a different outcome. The Einstein quote I referenced defines this as “insanity”, or “crazy”, reminding me of a favorite quote:

“When You See Crazy Coming, Cross The Street”Iyanla Vanzant, New Thought Spiritual Teacher

“Crossing the Street” is recognizing when we have become “attached” to harmful and debilitating thoughts, actions and “things” in life  and taking the steps necessary to avoid repeating the “same old mistakes”.

But it is hard to break with these “things”, and many women choose to numb out and block the pain and suffering of attachment through drinking and sedatives. They are in denial while justifying their lives to family, friends and themselves. I advise them to make the tough choice to feel their emotions; all of them know their situation or choices are not healthy or stable.

I will write more on the importance of living in the present and appreciating and loving ourselves. Embrace your emotions because when you feel them, you are living your life and not avoiding reality. This is the beauty of feeling and healing; and the secret of breaking the cycle of suffering.

Namaste, Jennifer Miller

“How Yoga Allows Us To Master The Mental Blocks Holding Us Back In Life” By Jennifer Miller


As a yoga practitioner for the last 10 years, I have personally observed the mind-body connection. When I work on “inner growth”, I know that my practice will act as a mirror to my soul.

And there have been many “aha! moments”. 

The times when my ego would restrain the movement into difficult asanas; but through “Pranayama”, or the control of breathing, I was able to relax and flow like a river, expanding my ability to learn.

To remain open and let go is to find the answers that are already there.

Once, I found myself blocked and unable to complete a difficult asana for two years. It also happened that this time of frustration mirrored” a difficult time in my life, a time when I was forcing life and trying to control it.

To master and move through this asana, I would have to “trust” myself and overcome mental obstacles.

A now simple “forearm balance” created an overwhelming amount of fear inside me. My life also lacked “balance” as I was I was going through so many transitions; I was overwhelmed. My ego did not let me accept what was happening. As I observed myself and this asana, the issues became clear and I soon progressed through the asana. Yoga is a great gift to the inner workings of the mind as it connects through the body.

Namaste, Jennifer Miller

Harvard Medical Study Finds Teenage Students Enrolled In Yoga Class Experience Increased “Flexibility” And Reduced “Angry Outbursts”

“In a challenging posture, your body screams, stop, stop! Are you nuts?” explains author Sat Bir Singh Khalsa. PhD. ” But you strive for equanimity. You’re learning to react less emotionally. And thats the heart of resilience – having self control.”
According to a new study from Harvard Medical School, yoga can foster more then flexibility. Over the course of 11 weeks, one group of teenage subjects followed a standard physical education regimen, while another took yoga classes.
At the end of the study the yoga students were less prone to angry outbursts and better able to calm themselves when they felt upset.
From “”, Published May 18, 2012

“Women Must Break The Chains Of Attachment And Denial To Find Happiness” By Jennifer Miller

“Attachment is the origin, the root of suffering; hence it is the cause of suffering.”
  “The Dalai Lama at Harvard: Lectures on the Buddhist Path to Peace” (1988)
I have personally known many women who were trapped in unhappy marriages or relationships, and chose to stay in those often abusive relationships because it at least provided them with a sense of financial security and stability. These women, and many like them, have become “attached” to these relationships and lifestyles, and are suffering and miserable as a result.
So much of our unhappiness is caused by attachment to things, people, images and even “visions of ourselves”. It starts with wanting and desiring and can progress to craving and obsessing. Becoming prisoners, “in” relationships and marriages and “of” things, women often try to numb the pain and suffering, “living in denial” as they attempt to escape “their” reality.
I will be writing more on “attachment”,  with unhappiness, suffering and “living in denial” as a result. I was married to an abusive man who destroyed our family life and financial security through drug, alcohol and sexual addictions. But I made the painful decision to leave him, divorce, and raise my children on my own. Through my yoga practice and spiritual studies, I was able to stabilize and make decisions that have benefitted my life and family.
The value of living a healthy life, free of craving “things” and being grateful each day for what I have are the secret to being happy. I seek to help women through very tough times in their lives by “going there” and learning to how to break the chains of attachment. I want to use the gift of my life experiences to assist women in coping with substance abuse and addictions in loved ones. And finally, help women transform their body, mind and spirit through their essential soul’s wisdom.
Namaste, Jennifer Miller

“I Chose A Purposeful Life After A Near-Death-Experience” By Jennifer Miller

At the age of 18, I had a” Near-Death-Experience”. It was a life changing event on many levels, lessening my fear of death to the point that I will be at peace when my time is at hand.

I had momentarily left this life and moved into another realm, but I heard “Go Back” and knew that “living” was still my choice…


I remember hovering and seeing the EMT crew working on my body. But I felt such incredible peace and joy that I did not want to come back. It was a state of complete love enclosed in white light.

I learned that each of us has a purpose in life and the time to transition into another realm is only after we have finished our work on earth.

The easier choice would have been to leave and not come back.


It took everything in me to “re-enter” my body and leave that feeling of beauty and peace. As a young girl, I always believed that there was an after-life. But I experienced the thin veil that exists between “our life” and “our life after death”.

I now know that we can connect to a higher dimension when we are centered, quiet and at peace with our body, mind and spirit. It is there that we can receive spiritual guidance that is available to everyone. In choosing a “purposeful life” we need to listen to our intuition and the still voice of Spirit.

I also came back knowing that both worlds are parallel and move together. We all have the time needed to enter a higher dimension, and we don’t have to experience a Near-Death-Experience (NDE) to connect with it.

We have to accept and be grateful for who we are and what we have in life, surrendering to enlightened guidance and knowing that other possibilities for us always exist.


We have the choice to strive for the highest good in life…or not. I feel very blessed to have had this experience in my life and the choices I have made.

Namaste, Jennifer Miller

Quote For The Day: “When The Mind Is Still…” By Eknath Easwaran

“When the mind is still, we can become an instrument of peace.”

Eknath Easwaran from “Strength in The Storm: Creating Calm in Difficult Times”

A Poem For My Mother: “If Only You Knew The Things I Could Say…” By Savannah Robison

“I love you with my heart…”


If only you knew the things I could say,
Painting a picture of my love is a task I will slay.
I’ll start with the little things, for they happen so much,
A kiss on the cheek, a slap on the butt.
You have that special touch whether in food or in love,
But really all I need is something to be proud of.
You stand tall regardless of impending hardship,
You have taught me so much, like getting my grip.
Your beautiful blue eyes or your abs of steel,
I give you my body, and I get yours, deal?
Our fights are often, and we know how to punch,
But what people don’t know is what happens at brunch.
I guess all I can say is thank you, Mom;
I love you with my heart, you are the bomb.
Savannah Robison

Reflections On Mother’s Day: “Trusting Our Instincts To Be The Best Mother” By Jennifer Miller

As a young mother at 25, I remember being so innocent and in love. There were really no thoughts about the future; I lived seemingly “breath to breath”. 

I trusted my instincts to be the best mother and it came naturally to me.

From the moment I placed my firstborn child at my breast, I felt I was born to be a mother. I loved all four bundles of joy with all my heart and soul. And as each grew older, I grew with them, changing moment to moment to accommodate their growing needs.

There is a fine line in nurturing our children: do we allow them to fall and grow from the experience or do we constantly watch over them and step in before mishaps. I chose to let them learn and not be rescued. 

I let them open their wings to fly and become independent freethinkers.

And my children are all very independent freethinkers. I feel such love and pride when I think of our journey together. But I am also thankful of the gift they gave to me: to be their mother. I sometimes wish that all the pain and hardship could have been avoided. But I see the strength of character and courage that only life can place in your soul.

I stand as a proud witness, watching them grow into young adults. They are the fruit of a mother’s labor. Although they cannot completely see or feel it yet, I know one day they will return love to me in kind.

I have learned to honor myself as a mother; when I am in my power and take care of me, my light shines brighter.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Namaste, Jennifer Miller

Quotes For Mothers: “Making The Decision To Have A Child – It’s Momentous…”

“Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.”

Elizabeth Stone

Quote For The Day: “Be Content With What You Have…”

“Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are.

When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

Lao Tzu (6th Century BCE}

Wisdom For Life From Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s “The Invitation”: “I Want To Know…”

“I want to know if you can see beauty even when it’s not pretty, every day, and if you can source your own life from its presence.”


“I want to know if you can live with failure, yours and mine, and still stand on the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon, “Yes!”

“The Importance Of Balance In Life” By Jennifer Miller

“Balance” is truly the key to life.  Critical to my path towards self-realizaton is a process of “witness consciousness”, where I can observe myself and my emotions. When I am a little bit “off”, I can hopefully identify those emotions that undermine my feelings of peace and “balance”.
What I feel in my body, the world will project back to me. When I feel grounded, things just seem to go smoothly. It is so very important to have “fun and joy” in life, as part of our balance.
When I feel that the child in me needs to play, I should always take the time to play. While at the beach yesterday,  I looked out into the ocean and I saw something moving out in the water. What could it be?

Looking closer, I could see that it was two seals frolicking and playing together.

I felt pure delight. I had never seen this before! And they continued on for at least 20 minutes. I felt pure joy.  These two seals shared the wisdom of the importance of play.
Years ago, when feeling really happy,  I would perform my “horsey dance”. I had a beautiful standard poodle, Harvey, who would get so excited during my dance that he would nip at and actually bite my bottom. We nicknamed him “butt-biter”.  It seems so silly, but it was so important. More recently, as I have been going through a very difficult time in my life, my horsey dance has not been as spontaneous or frequent. But today, I feel the need to dance, feeling the “pure joy of being alive” and being grateful for all that I have. And all that I am.

What did you love to do as a child?

What do you have that makes you giggle and laugh for the pure joy of it?.

Strive to find your inner “silly child”. It is so important to be able to laugh with and at ourselves.

Don’t let anyone or anything  take away your happy.

Happy Dancing.
Jennifer Miller

Reflections On Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”: “A Balanced You” By Jennifer Miller

“A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle makes very important statements on the “balance” we need in life to feel fulfilled. I like the term “A Balanced You”.
” When we find that connection with Source, which creates the balance in our lives, we become vehicles for awakened consciousness to express in our world. Then everything changes.”
Tolle believes that women are ahead of men when it comes to awakening.

The feminine is naturally more connected with being because they have never completely lost the connectedness with FEELING.

Because the ego was never as deeply rooted in women, it is losing its hold on them more quickly than men. This is also why there are more women teaching “collective awakening”.

Namaste, Jennifer Miller

Reflections On Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering The Art Of Manifesting” By Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller reviewed “Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering The Art Of Manifesting” with Petra Sovella, her beautiful Soul Mother
Dr. Dyer continues to make important contributions to the study of self-development. The following are highlights of a group discussion, led by Petra, of “Wishes Fulfilled”:
  • The subconscious isn’t impacted by what we feel; it reacts to what it receives. Therefore, what we think can manifest itself in up to 98% of the life our subconscious mind is creating.
  • Changing the way the world is viewed, the “outside picture”, allows for a reprogramming of the spirit and soul.
  • It is important to the acknowledge the “truth” of what we desire.

What does it feel like in your body when you speak your truth?

  • We are all “energy beings”; what we feel and think will manifest itself in some form. For example, worrying will create more suffering.
  • Place a hand over your heart and ask:

What are you yearning for? What are your deepest wishes? What are your dreams and desires?

The truth of what we desire will always feel vibrant and positive. We all deserve goodness. Our truth is love and oneness connected to Universal Intelligence.  Imagine the place we want to be, as if in a movie: imagine it as if it is so.

 Feel it…Believe it…Know it

We should still our minds with “stillness” so we can hear that small, quiet voice of our intuition. Stillness creates connection, peace and calm within our bodies and mind.

One should find a feeling that is good and let it grow; it will evolve into form. It will lift you up and energize your being. The world around you will respond with what is set forth with your intention.

Thought = feeling = form (manifestation)

Finally, all of us should manifest by stating “I am” as if it is already so:
I am Love
I am honored by my children
I am in a loving , nurturing relationship that supports all of me.
I am abundant in life
I am supported in all of my dreams
Say “I am” throughout your day and watch the transformation in your life.
Namaste, Jennifer Miller

“Women’s Intuitive Wisdom” By Jennifer Miller

“Women’s Intuitive Wisdom”

A woman’s cycle exists for so many beautiful reasons. Our bodies are truly amazing. Yesterday, I was feeling not quite myself; I took a gaze at my calendar and, yes, it’s that time of the month.
I could feel myself going inward. What is this incredible miracle, my body, telling me? As I reflect, it is clear: it needs time to heal and feel.

It is part of the beautiful cycle of life that I can get quiet and listen to my body’s intuitive wisdom, always knowing what the soul needs.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful that if in this quiet, reflective time, we could be honored and nurtured as mothers and women? That someone would hear our spirit calling and arrive to nurture our souls?
I love the biblical concept of “The Red Tent” where a woman could take refuge with a tribe of women during our cycle or giving birth; mother, sisters and aunts are there for questions, laughter, and healing. As a child I had a teepee that I would go into for peace and quiet; I felt so safe. I can still remember that wonderful feeling.

The little girl in me long ago, knew how to take care of herself.

Our circle of family and friends is our tribe. It is so important to surround to ourselves with people that honor and nurture “all” of us. I thank my womanly cycle for allowing me to go within during this “time” and honor my healing and feeling. If friends and associates bring me down, I will choose “not” to have them around me as this is the ultimate statement of “self love”.
I pray we breathe in the fullness of love and then extend it to all.
Namaste, Jennifer Miller