“Women’s Intuitive Wisdom” By Jennifer Miller

“Women’s Intuitive Wisdom”

A woman’s cycle exists for so many beautiful reasons. Our bodies are truly amazing. Yesterday, I was feeling not quite myself; I took a gaze at my calendar and, yes, it’s that time of the month.
I could feel myself going inward. What is this incredible miracle, my body, telling me? As I reflect, it is clear: it needs time to heal and feel.

It is part of the beautiful cycle of life that I can get quiet and listen to my body’s intuitive wisdom, always knowing what the soul needs.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful that if in this quiet, reflective time, we could be honored and nurtured as mothers and women? That someone would hear our spirit calling and arrive to nurture our souls?
I love the biblical concept of “The Red Tent” where a woman could take refuge with a tribe of women during our cycle or giving birth; mother, sisters and aunts are there for questions, laughter, and healing. As a child I had a teepee that I would go into for peace and quiet; I felt so safe. I can still remember that wonderful feeling.

The little girl in me long ago, knew how to take care of herself.

Our circle of family and friends is our tribe. It is so important to surround to ourselves with people that honor and nurture “all” of us. I thank my womanly cycle for allowing me to go within during this “time” and honor my healing and feeling. If friends and associates bring me down, I will choose “not” to have them around me as this is the ultimate statement of “self love”.
I pray we breathe in the fullness of love and then extend it to all.
Namaste, Jennifer Miller

2 responses to ““Women’s Intuitive Wisdom” By Jennifer Miller

  1. Veena Grover,RYT

    Wonderful & intelligent thoughts expressed by Jennifer.God Bless Jen, She is a peaceful soul. Blessings, Veena

  2. Veena Grover,RYT

    God bless Jennifer

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