Reflections On Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering The Art Of Manifesting” By Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller reviewed “Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering The Art Of Manifesting” with Petra Sovella, her beautiful Soul Mother
Dr. Dyer continues to make important contributions to the study of self-development. The following are highlights of a group discussion, led by Petra, of “Wishes Fulfilled”:
  • The subconscious isn’t impacted by what we feel; it reacts to what it receives. Therefore, what we think can manifest itself in up to 98% of the life our subconscious mind is creating.
  • Changing the way the world is viewed, the “outside picture”, allows for a reprogramming of the spirit and soul.
  • It is important to the acknowledge the “truth” of what we desire.

What does it feel like in your body when you speak your truth?

  • We are all “energy beings”; what we feel and think will manifest itself in some form. For example, worrying will create more suffering.
  • Place a hand over your heart and ask:

What are you yearning for? What are your deepest wishes? What are your dreams and desires?

The truth of what we desire will always feel vibrant and positive. We all deserve goodness. Our truth is love and oneness connected to Universal Intelligence.  Imagine the place we want to be, as if in a movie: imagine it as if it is so.

 Feel it…Believe it…Know it

We should still our minds with “stillness” so we can hear that small, quiet voice of our intuition. Stillness creates connection, peace and calm within our bodies and mind.

One should find a feeling that is good and let it grow; it will evolve into form. It will lift you up and energize your being. The world around you will respond with what is set forth with your intention.

Thought = feeling = form (manifestation)

Finally, all of us should manifest by stating “I am” as if it is already so:
I am Love
I am honored by my children
I am in a loving , nurturing relationship that supports all of me.
I am abundant in life
I am supported in all of my dreams
Say “I am” throughout your day and watch the transformation in your life.
Namaste, Jennifer Miller

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