“Living An Authentic Life After A Hero’s Journey” By Jennifer Miller

Sharing our life experiences connects us with humanity, keeping alive a timeless tradition that evolved before the written word. These stories can bring us hope in knowing that others have been through similar experiences, becoming stronger and wiser people.
I always feel so much more connected to people who are genuine, authentic and not afraid to show the “rawness of life”. Our culture favors perfection, with families  broadcasting “great successes” and their children’s “accomplishments”.

But so much beauty in life can come from the “hero’s journey”, where we emerge victorious and eager to benefit those around us.

What I have come to treasure most in life are the hardships I have overcome, and the satisfaction of feeling “heroic” in many ways. These “accomplishments” are my badge of honor. To live through challenging times and not only survive, but to emerge victorious and “thrive”, will bring all of us a sense of incredible joy and satisfaction.

To live a truly authentic life makes us vulnerable, but it is a life worth living. “I am who I am” and I can live with that.

Namaste, Jennifer Miller 


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