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” Lord make me a instrument of your peace.”

Prayer of St. Francis. As i read this beautiful poem again i took the words into my heart as i was on my way to teach as a wellness coach in a woman’s recovery home. I promised the girls that we would have a pedicure party { since observing many were embarrassed of their feet on the yoga mat} I thought there was no better way to start to honor themselves. As I envisioned all the girls painting their nails there was another plan in store. They wanted me to paint all their nails. As i got down on the floor to serve and connect for we are all one. Even though i have not experienced addiction or jail i connect in heart with no judgment. As i juggle holding a crying newborn showing by example loving and nurturing. { The mom was young and thinking she was teaching a lesson not to hold her baby that was crying } I don’t know if i will make a difference in these lives but as i reflect on St. Francis poem , “For it is giving that we receive”, ” To be understood , as to understand; to be loved, as to love


Yoga a dance with the beloved……Jennifer Miller

” Yoga meaning “union” to yoke. Hence, it comes to mean a method of spiritual union. Yoga is a method by which a person becomes one with God. To achieve such union is to attain the state of perfect yoga.”Image


To live in our heart is to be free to grow and expand knowing we are all one”

Heart Based Healing