Daily Archives: April 23, 2013


” Lord make me a instrument of your peace.”

Prayer of St. Francis. As i read this beautiful poem again i took the words into my heart as i was on my way to teach as a wellness coach in a woman’s recovery home. I promised the girls that we would have a pedicure party { since observing many were embarrassed of their feet on the yoga mat} I thought there was no better way to start to honor themselves. As I envisioned all the girls painting their nails there was another plan in store. They wanted me to paint all their nails. As i got down on the floor to serve and connect for we are all one. Even though i have not experienced addiction or jail i connect in heart with no judgment. As i juggle holding a crying newborn showing by example loving and nurturing. { The mom was young and thinking she was teaching a lesson not to hold her baby that was crying } I don’t know if i will make a difference in these lives but as i reflect on St. Francis poem , “For it is giving that we receive”, ” To be understood , as to understand; to be loved, as to love