The Spa at Pebble Beach


When I was younger I would occasionally see older woman that to me represented peace, confidence and a inner wisdom. I made it a dream of mine that when I aged I wanted to represent these qualities . As I entered the spa I undressed found my robe and off I went to enjoy a day of relaxation. As I peeled off my robe to enter the sauna and saw everyone in bathing suits I observed I feel comfortable in my nakedness. There were many woman talking and having fun but the peace and inner quiet wasn’t there. I sat in lotus and thought to myself I am that older woman that I once desired to be. I’m confident in my body , I love where my journey has taken me, I truly enjoy being with me and I feel at peace. I smiled to myself realizing everything I dreamed of becoming I’ve put out in the universe and have been blessed. It has not been easy by any means but it is well worth the wisdom that comes with aging and experiencing life.


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