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Reflections On Life: “DoYou Know Who Your Tribe Is?…You Will If They Nourish Your Soul”

By Jennifer Miller
Most of us want to belong to a group. We have our identity defined in many cases by the people who relate to us, support us or confirm our “status” within the community where we live or work.
But do you know who your tribe is?

A special group of people “having a common character or interest” is the definition of a tribe…but it is so much deeper when you connect with someone’s “soul”.

I want to believe that my tribe is the group of family and close friends I spend the most time with. But to bond with women, or men, at the soul level, requires as much luck as it does length in the relationship getting to know someone. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to maintain friendships, and like a long-term investment, there has to be the outlook for the soul to be nurtured and grow.

“The relationship with your self is the most important relationship you’ll ever have.”

This quote by Dr. Judith Orloff is so important. If we find ourselves giving more in our relationships that we receive, it will come at the cost of our own well-being. Who fills my soul and who drains my energy? There are two sides of me: a fun, free spirit side and a deeply spiritual side. Neither can remain healthy and vibrant if I am surrounded by people who take away my vital force. Choose to be with people who nourish the soul, and consider them members of your tribe.

Make a pact with yourself to be aware of the energy of those around you. Those that drain your energy, who don’t make your heart sing with joy, are not the people you should have around you. My soul knows my tribe and it always feels like coming home.

Namaste, Jennifer Miller