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Reflections On My Daughter “Standing Up Against Bullying And Cruelty In High School”

By Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller StrengthMy daughter told me last night about a girl she knew at school who was being bullied. She was visibly upset and showed me a horrific text that had been sent by the boy who had been verbally “attacking” this young lady.

I too had been bullied by neighborhood boys, one of which, later in life, ended up in jail. My daughter had been bullied the prior week, and stood up to the boys (and girls). She showed incredible courage in standing up for herself, while making a stand for justice and what is right.

She posted a statement on her Facebook page regarding the injustice. Some kids rallied around her, while others attacked her because she choose to say speak her mind. We talked further about what could be done to help the girl, and it was decided to bring the actions (and text) to the attention of the school. She felt that it was important to support her classmate. Dangerous and cruel actions have consequences in life.

As I watch my daughter navigate life, and stand for ethics, morals and values, I know in my heart that she will make a difference in the world.

Being kind unlocks so many doors in this harsh world. I truly believe that if every single person in America operated out of love and not out of fear and hatred, all problems would be solved. Selfishness, killings, oppression, drugs, healthcare, unemployment, war, religion, poverty, bullying… Think about it. What if people operated out of love, and treated YOU with kindness? Would you be a happier person? Would you be kinder to others?

People who are victims of these problems often need your help more than any one else. Empathize with them. Everyone has a story to tell, and sometimes words aren’t the only way of crying out for help. BE KIND. I guarantee your life will change, and so will the those who are the beneficiaries of your love and empathy. If not for anyone else, do it for yourself. Savannah Robison



The Importance Of Surrounding Ourselves With Positive People As We Clean Our Spiritual House

By Jennifer Miller

My weekend morning walks with the babies (my two small dogs) have been so enjoyable and nurturing for my soul and spirit. As we walked into a small cafe in downtown Laguna and stood in line to order, two women, who appeared to be in their mid-50’s, walked in behind us. I could immediately sense that both of them were comfortable with who they were, and their confidence and grace added to the positive energy I usually feel when I come here.

And it gave me an opportunity to reflect on my life and the lives of so many women. Middle-age is a time to examine the health of our “inner selves” and honor the journey that has brought us to this point. For many of us, the proceeding 20-25 years required us to be “GIVERS”, sacrificing for our children and husbands. As our role changes, we must seek out relationships and activities that nourish our body and soul. So it is very important that our support group of family and friends be sources of positive energy, and not drain us of our vitality.

 Who is on Team Jen? Who is there to support and root for me?

I have been cleaning my home recently in a way that is very healthy and life-enhancing. I believe this reflects my desire to “clean house” in my emotional life as well. I am present and in the moment, sorting through physical and mental “attachments”, seeing what are necessary and which should be discarded. As I sat in the crowded cafe patio, eating a wonderful breakfast, I am deeply connected with positive and calming sounds.

I hear birds chirping. Surrounded by people talking, I am one with birds chirping…and peace fills my body.

The day before while grocery shopping at “Trader Joes”, I sensed a woman looking at me and my daughter. She looked to be about 70 and I smiled and made room for her, thinking that she needed to get by. She came up to me and grabbed my hand and said:

“If I could come back in my next life and be you for 10 seconds I would be the happiest woman in the world.  You and your daughter are so beautiful.”

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This was one of kindest compliments I have ever received. I told her thank you and that true beauty lies within all of us. She responded by saying that she knew I would say that, and if she felt otherwise, she would never have said it.

My daughter and I smiled at each other and thought that this lady was a truly beautiful person. I asked her If I could take her home with me. She represented to me the beauty of aging with grace.

Namaste, Jennifer Miller

Reflections On Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering The Art Of Manifesting” By Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller reviewed “Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering The Art Of Manifesting” with Petra Sovella, her beautiful Soul Mother
Dr. Dyer continues to make important contributions to the study of self-development. The following are highlights of a group discussion, led by Petra, of “Wishes Fulfilled”:
  • The subconscious isn’t impacted by what we feel; it reacts to what it receives. Therefore, what we think can manifest itself in up to 98% of the life our subconscious mind is creating.
  • Changing the way the world is viewed, the “outside picture”, allows for a reprogramming of the spirit and soul.
  • It is important to the acknowledge the “truth” of what we desire.

What does it feel like in your body when you speak your truth?

  • We are all “energy beings”; what we feel and think will manifest itself in some form. For example, worrying will create more suffering.
  • Place a hand over your heart and ask:

What are you yearning for? What are your deepest wishes? What are your dreams and desires?

The truth of what we desire will always feel vibrant and positive. We all deserve goodness. Our truth is love and oneness connected to Universal Intelligence.  Imagine the place we want to be, as if in a movie: imagine it as if it is so.

 Feel it…Believe it…Know it

We should still our minds with “stillness” so we can hear that small, quiet voice of our intuition. Stillness creates connection, peace and calm within our bodies and mind.

One should find a feeling that is good and let it grow; it will evolve into form. It will lift you up and energize your being. The world around you will respond with what is set forth with your intention.

Thought = feeling = form (manifestation)

Finally, all of us should manifest by stating “I am” as if it is already so:
I am Love
I am honored by my children
I am in a loving , nurturing relationship that supports all of me.
I am abundant in life
I am supported in all of my dreams
Say “I am” throughout your day and watch the transformation in your life.
Namaste, Jennifer Miller

“Reflections On The Importance Of Being Kind” By Jennifer Miller


I woke up this morning and while making my coffee, the word “KIND” popped into my head.

If everyone was KIND to one another, what a difference it would make.

I looked up KIND and discovered wonderful meanings for such a simple word:


  • Of a friendly, generous, or warm-hearted nature.
  • Sharing sympathy or understanding, charitable.
  • Humane, considerate.
  • Forbearing, tolerant.
  • Generous, liberal.
  • Agreeable, beneficial.
We must ALL contribute to the “kindness” needed in the world.
Namaste, Jennifer Miller

“To Feel The Other Side Of Darkness…Is Light” By Jennifer Miller

Picture in your mind’s eye when you were a child; a beautiful time in your life. How old were you? What are you wearing?

How did you feel?

"...the other side of darkness...is light."

What were you doing?

Keep this picture with you when your mind starts to go to the dark place…and bring in the light of the young child.

Ask the child: What do you need?

 Listen and allow yourself to feel any emotions that surface. I like to place my hand on my heart and allow my feelings to flow. I have learned to mother myself and “be” with the moments of sadness.

The only way out is to feel within our bodies all the repressed emotions that need to surface.

 Allowing, accepting, and feeling the other side of darkness.… is light.

Namaste, Jennifer Miller